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The ROI-Driven Marketing Blog

Welcome to the ROI-Driven Marketing Blog. 

This blog is designed to help you put an end to wasted marketing spend by focusing on data and research to make strategic decisions. 

I will discuss topics like research, driving qualified traffic, data & analytics, brand awareness and reputation, lead generation, lead nurturing, and sales enablement. 

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How to Organize Your Marketing with a Martech Stack

As a digital marketer, I've seen firsthand how the right tools can make all the difference in executing successful campaigns. One of the most powerful tools at our disposal today is a Martech Stack. ...
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Digital Marketing Metrics to Watch as a Multi-Location Business

Navigating the world of digital marketing for multi-location businesses can feel like a labyrinth. With multiple markets to cater to, each with its unique characteristics, it might seem almost ...
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5 Marketing Tools to Increase Sales in 2023

There are many marketing tools available to increase sales in 2023. Some examples include social media, email marketing, and website design. It is important to find the right tools for your business ...
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3 Marketing Tips for Multi-Location Businesses

Doing anything multiple times can be difficult, but what about marketing for more than one location? It can seem almost impossible.
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4 Reasons You Should Invest in Digital Marketing

Think back to your last purchase. Any purchase. Walk yourself through that process. Perhaps you went out to eat at a new place. How did you find the restaurant? Did you already know about it, or did ...
Picture of Mary Cate Spires Mary Cate Spires 17 Min Read
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Local SEO: Exactly How Important Are Reviews?

When was the last time you needed to find something near you? For me, it was a restaurant because my husband and I tend to frequent the same three restaurants by our house, so we wanted to branch out.
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What's the Difference Between a Sales Qualified Lead and an Opportunity?

When it comes to good marketing, it is important that we track the quality of leads we are sending to sales. Typically, this stops at sales-qualified leads. A sales qualified lead is a lead that ...
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Brand Awareness vs. Brand Reputation: What They Can Both Do For You

Do people know about your brand or company? Have they heard of you before? If no one is aware of your company, it will be challenging to convince them to buy your product or service. But what if ...
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What is a Marketing Qualified Lead?

Marketers love to use abbreviations and acronyms. If you are new to the industry, or even just digital marketing - this can leave you scratching your head. Acronyms particularly come into play when ...
Picture of Mary Cate Spires Mary Cate Spires 10 Min Read
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Where to Start When Tracking Brand Awareness Campaigns

How can you make money if no one has ever heard of your brand? To put it simply, most of the time, you won’t
Picture of Mary Cate Spires Mary Cate Spires 10 Min Read
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