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The ROI-Driven Marketing Blog

Welcome to the ROI-Driven Marketing Blog. 

This blog is designed to help you put an end to wasted marketing spend by focusing on data and research to make strategic decisions. 

I will discuss topics like research, driving qualified traffic, data & analytics, brand awareness and reputation, lead generation, lead nurturing, and sales enablement. 

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Mary Cate Spires

Mary Cate Spires

Mary Cate Spires is the leading expert on using data and research to improve marketing ROI. She has worked with dozens of prominent brands from all over the United States including SmartBug Media, HubSpot, and The Arbor Company to drive leads, ROI, and customers through digital marketing efforts.

Recent Posts

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10 Tips to Optimize Your Multi-Location Holiday Marketing Efforts

The holiday season is not only a time for festivities and goodwill but also a critical period for businesses, especially multi-location ones, to maximize their marketing efforts. With consumers in a ...
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Captivating Your Audience: Strategies to Grab and Hold Attention

In today's digital age, where the average attention span has become shorter than ever, capturing and retaining your target audience's attention is like a marketing superpower. But fear not, because ...
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Unlocking Success: How to Measure Lead Close Rates as a Multi-Location Brand

Today, I'm excited to dive into a topic that's essential for multi-location businesses looking to thrive – measuring lead close rates. We all know that generating leads is just one part of the ...
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Finding Your Digital Playground: Which Online Channels are Most Effective for Your Business?

Today, I'm diving into the exciting world of digital marketing to answer a question that plagues many entrepreneurs and marketing professionals: "Which online channels are most effective for your ...
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Measuring Success in Q4: Unveiling the Key Metrics for Multi-Location Businesses

As we find ourselves in the final stretch of the year, it's time to gear up for a strong finish in Q4. For multi-location businesses, this quarter presents unique challenges and opportunities. It's a ...
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Finding the Goldilocks Budget: How Much Should Your Business Spend on a Lead?

In today's fast-paced digital landscape, businesses of all sizes are constantly seeking ways to generate leads and grow their customer base. Whether you're a small startup or a well-established ...
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Is Inbound Marketing Right for My Business?

Today, I want to dive into a topic that's been a game-changer for many companies but might still leave some wondering if it's the right fit for their business. We're talking about inbound marketing. ...
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Crafting a Seamless Customer Experience: A Multi-Location Business Guide

Today, let's dive into a topic that's close to my heart: creating an exceptional customer experience for multi-location businesses. In a world where customer expectations are higher than ever, ...
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Navigating Top-of-Funnel Marketing Strategies in 2023: A Guide to Captivate Your Audience

Let's talk about a topic that's been the heartbeat of successful marketing in 2023 - Top-of-Funnel (TOFU) Marketing Strategies. As we all know, the marketing landscape is constantly evolving, and ...
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Enhancing Multi-Location Marketing Campaigns: A Blueprint for Success

Today, I'm excited to delve into a topic that's close to my heart – Multi-Location Marketing Campaigns. If you're running a business with multiple locations, you understand the unique challenges that ...
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