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Announcing the Release of My Book: On The Map

I am so thrilled to announce that my book, On The Map: How Multi-Location Businesses Can Use Digital Marketing to Grow Revenue and Stay Ahead of the Competition is officially launched and live! I am also beyond thankful and excited to share that Jason Grier, CXO & EVP at Reputation.com was kind enough to write my foreword.

I wrote this book as a guide for businesses with multiple locations to know where to start when it comes to digital marketing strategy and implementation. I have been working with a multi-location client for almost seven years and I have learned what makes them so special - it is their willingness to look outside their industry. 

Many multi-location businesses prefer to stick to the status quo of their industry. They look to what the other car dealerships or hospitals are doing instead of looking to completely different industries outside their own, like e-commerce or software as a service. Some of these industries have consistently found success in digital marketing for many years, and many of these multi-location businesses are just now getting started. 

That is exactly what inspired me to write this book. I wanted to share my process and experience in not only digital marketing, but also in the task of rolling it out to more than one location - which can be quite daunting. 

In this book I show you exactly how to remain relevant in today’s market by creating a digital strategy, and then how to seamlessly scale that strategy across locations. I am going to walk you through why digital marketing has become more important than ever. You will learn what kind of digital marketing you actually need, how to start rolling it out, and how to track your results.

You will also learn how to conduct invaluable research, set a strategy specific to your organization based on your goals, how to start implementing that strategy, and measure its success. 

Multi-location businesses benefit from looking to where other industries, like B2B and e-commerce, have succeeded. I have been using these practices for years and have seen the benefits firsthand. One group I currently work with is seeing a 318 percent revenue ROI year to date from digital marketing alone!

By the time you finish reading this book, you will have the precise blueprint for rolling out digital marketing in your organization and across multiple locations. 

If digital marketing doesn’t feel like a current priority, it will be. Trust me. Your competitors have already begun taking the steps into digital marketing, and many of them currently already have systems in place. Do you want to be left behind? 

The digital-marketing tips and tricks in this book have proven results. Each chapter provides new ideas and strategies that will help you stay ahead in digital marketing and get a leg up on the competition. By adopting the strategies I reveal in this book, an increased ROI will be within your reach. 

Take a moment to take a look at my book and see if it’s just what you need to kick-start your digital marketing journey. 

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